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Take care of your liver

July 28 is World Hepatitis Day. It’s an important day to remind us all to take care of our bodies!

Hepatitis is a group of diseases that affect the liver. There are seven identified types of viral hepatitis with types A, B and C being most common. You can be immunized against hepatitis A and B, but not C.

Prevent hepatitis: It's up to you.

Hepatitis C is spread by blood-to-blood contact such as:

  • Sharing drug-using equipment
  • Reusing tools in tattooing, body piercing, acupuncture and electrolysis
  • Sharing items that have blood on them like toothbrushes, razors or nail clippers
  • Unprotected sex where blood could be present

The only way to really know if you have hepatitis C is to get tested. A simple blood test can tell you if you have come in contact with the virus.

There is some good news about hepatitis C: it is curable. Treatment can eliminate the infection from the body. Knowing your status is the first step. Take that step. Get tested.

Learn more about hepatitis on the Northern Health Matters blog.

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