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ATV Safety

For many people, summer fun includes hopping on their ATV and exploring the great outdoors in northern B.C.

While the north offers amazing terrain for riding ATVs, the reality is that we also experience a much higher rate of death and hospitalization from ATV-related injuries than the rest of B.C. In fact, we have a higher rate of ATV-related injuries than all other B.C. health authorities combined!

If you ride, remember that most ATV injuries are preventable.

ATV on gravel trail

The majority of ATV-related fatalities can be prevented by:

  • Wearing a helmet,
  • Driving sober,
  • Driving at safe speeds,
  • Not riding with passengers, and
  • Taking an ATV rider safety course.

Know the risks involved and take steps to minimize them, so that everyone can keep on riding safely!

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