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Primary and Community Care Integration

To find out how Northern Health is working with physicians and our community partners to improve the delivery of health care services, view our video about Primary and Community Care Integration.

Primary Health Care

What is primary health care?* 
Primary health care is basic, everyday health care.

Primary health care providers are the first people you see when you access the health care system:

Primary health care is about:

  • Helping people avoid getting sick or injured

  • Managing chronic conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure

  • People playing an active role in their own care

  • Making the most effective use of care providers' expertise

  • Efficiency and coordination

  • Understanding that factors outside the health care system can influence health (for example, air quality)

At Northern Health, we believe primary health care will ensure better health for all of us.
Benefits of primary health care:

  • Provides continuous, coordinated, comprehensive care for the "whole person"

  • Helps keep waiting lists down

  • Reduces pressure on emergency rooms

  • Makes the health care system more sustainable in the long term

*Modified from material from Heartland Health Region, Saskatchewan

What's Northern Health doing to support primary health care?

Primary health care is an important part of Northern Health's vision. Its Strategic Plan for 2009-2015 states, "Northern people will have access to integrated health services, built on a foundation of primary health care." 

In six Northern communities, Northern Health is integrating services around the primary care home:
The Prince George Division of Family Practice is a group of family doctors who work together for better health care. The group was chosen as one of three provincial prototypes to begin working on providing access to a family doctor for each person who wants one.

What's the government doing to support primary health care?

Activities of the BC government around primary health care include the following: 

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Community Consultations on Primary Health Care
Fall 2009 (PDF, 51 pages)

Northern Health Strategic Plan


Where can I get more information?

Your Health

Patients and Communities as Partners

  • Patients as Partners|Patient Voices Network (PasP|PVN)
    The PasP|PVN is administered by ImpactBC, it brings BC patients together to connect with health care partners, share their experiences and learn from each other.

  • Patients as Partners
    Patients as Partners is a project of the Ministry of Health that's designed to help patients and families become involved in their own health care.

Other Resources