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Northern First Nations Health Partnership Committee

The Northern First Nations Health Partnership Committee is part of the new First Nations Health Governance structure in the province of BC.  On October 1, 2014, the First Nations Health Authority assumed the programs, services, and responsibilities formerly handled by Health Canada's First Nations Inuit Health Branch Pacific Region. This historic event is a first in Canada and the transfer of responsibility was the result of many years of dedicated work and collaboration between multiple governments and communities. The transfer heralds a future of change and ongoing partnerships to support improved health and well-being for First Nations people and communities in BC.

Northern First Nations and Northern Health are working together to improve the health and well-being of First Nations peoples and communities in the north. The Northern Partnership Accord is a formal recognition of this relationship and was signed in May 2012.

The Northern First Nations Health Partnership Committee was established to implement the goals of the Northern Partnership Accord. The committee includes representatives from Northern First Nations Regional Table, Northern Health, and the First Nations Health Authority

The purpose of the Committee is to collaborate and partner on planning, implementation, and evaluation of culturally appropriate, safe and effective services for First Nations residing in the North. The Committee works together to close the gaps and remove barriers to accessing health services for First Nations living on and off reserve. It works alongside the First Nations Health Council, First Nations Health Directors Association, First Nations Health Authority, and Northern Health.

Activities of the Committee include:

  • Establishing a Terms of Reference for the committee and annually reviewing it.
  • Collaborating in the development and overseeing the implementation of a Northern First Nations Health and Wellness Plan.
  • Developing and implementing an evaluation process of the Committee work plan using health status indicators and other data to measure progress.
  • Developing an annual progress report.
  • Collaborating to identify health needs and service gaps.
  • Partnering to organize First Nations and Aboriginal health gatherings approximately every 18-24 months.
  • Developing partnerships with other Ministries, governments, non-profits to work on social determinants of health.
  • Facilitating engagement, communication and participation of local First Nations.

Learn more about the committee through the Communiques that summarize each meeting and are posted on the top right of this page.

Key Documents related to First Nations Health Governance in BC

In 2005, BC First Nations, the Province of British Columbia (BC), and the Government of Canada (Canada) agreed to work together to improve the health disparities experienced by First Nations people in BC. A New Relationship between these Tripartite Partners (BC First Nations, BC, and Canada) was initiated and is represented by the signing of several agreements. With each of these agreements, the partnership has grown, developed, and evolved. 


Health Partnership Accord (2012)
The accord re-affirms the long-term commitment of Health Canada, BC, and FNHC of a shared vision for a better, more responsive and integrated health system for First Nations in British Columbia.


British Columbia Tripartite Framework Agreement on First Nation Health Governance (2011)
This document guides the transfer of responsibility for design and delivery of all federally funded health programs, services and resources for British Columbia First Nations, administered by Health Canada, to the First Nations Health Authority.


The Tripartite First Nations Health Plan (2007)


Transformative Change Accord: First Nations Health Plan (2006)


Transformative Change Accord (2005)