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Clinical Simulator

Northern Clinical Simulation is a partnership between Northern Health, the School of Nursing at the University of Northern British Columbia, and the Northern Medical Program. Our goal is to support educators with the development and integration of clinical simulation into healthcare education.

What is clinical simulation?

Clinical simulation uses life-sized, anatomically correct human models (see chart below) to provide realistic training for student nurses, staff nurses, medical students, physicians and other healthcare professionals.

The simulators can be used with real medical equipment, allowing practice with burns, labour and delivery, resuscitation and advanced life support, heart attacks, and more -- all without risk to patients.

Who can use the simulators?

Our centres, simulators, task trainers, and staff are available to non-Northern Health users for an hourly fee. 

Questions? Contact Michael Lundin, Coordinator, Northern Clinical Simulation, at 250.645.6400.

Where is clinical simulation offered?


  Available at Northern
Health’s four
Simulation Centres

 (Prince George,
Quesnel, Terrace, Fort
St. John) 
Available through
our mobile/ in situ
SimMan 3G:  The most advanced simulator.
Features include light-sensitive pupils, blinking
eyelids, realistic chest rise and fall, blood and body
fluids, and more 
Yes Yes
SimMan Essential:  Teaches airway, breathing,
cardiac and circulation management
Yes No
ALS simulator: Advanced Life Support patient
simulator, including difficult airway management
simulations; variable spontaneous breathing;
realistic normal and abnormal heart, breath and
bowel sounds; and more.
Yes No
Nursing Anne: Designed for scenario-based
training for basic patient handling skills to
advanced nursing skills, including nasogastric
tube insertion and care, tracheostomy care and
tracheal suctioning, peripheral intravenous therapy
with IV bolus or push injection, and more
Yes Yes
Noelle: A maternal and neonatal birthing simulator Yes Yes
Sim Junior: An interactive 6-year-old pediatric
simulator developed in partnership with the
American Academy of Pediatrics
Yes Yes
Sim Baby: Advanced infant patient simulator for
team training in infant emergencies; includes
airway, breathing, circulation, defibrillation,
vascular, and anatomy
Yes No
Sim NewB:  A simulated newborn, including an
umbilical cord that can be assessed, cut, and
catheterized for IV access
Yes Yes
Nursing Baby: Includes sounds auscultation, IV
and IO skills, fontanel assessment, urinary
catheterization and general pediatric patient care. 
Yes No
 Note: Simulator descriptions in this table are based on text from and


What’s available at the four centres?

As well as the nine simulators listed above, each of our four centres promotes educational opportunities with

  • Interdisciplinary team training
  • Emergency cardiac patient assessment and treatment
  • Critical thinking
  • Team interaction and communication
  • Adherence to algorithms
  • Teaching and testing of advanced cardiac life support guidelines
  • Patient assessment and management
  • Teaching and testing of neonatal resuscitation program guidelines
  • PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support)

The four centres also have audiovisual equipment for recording sessions, facilitating debriefing. Most quality sessions include items such as confederates, task trainers, videos, and video debriefing.

Our experienced staff have assisted with hundreds of simulation sessions and can help develop, design, and program custom scenarios to meet your educational needs.

Task Trainers

Task trainers are lifelike models of body parts (such as an arm, pelvis, or chest). They’re used for practicing specific medical procedures.

They’re available to any centre. Most are in Prince George, but they can be shipped/used for mobile/in situ.

  • Standard Venipuncture Arm
  • Lumbar Puncture & Epidural Trainer
  • Lumbar Puncture Baby
  • Ultrasound Central Venous Catheter Insertion Simulator
  • Pericardiocentesis Training Model
  • Nita Newborn
  • Laerdal® Airway Management Trainer
  • Perineal Repair Trainer
  • FemoraLineMan System
  • CentraLine Man System
  • Chester Chest™ With New Advanced Arm
  • Neonatal Intubation Trainer
  • Vascular Access - Peter PICC Line™

Contact us

  • Tammy Hoefer, Regional Manager, Innovation and Development Commons/Northern Clinical Simulation
  • Michael Lundin, Coordinator, Northern Clinical Simulation
  • Baldeep Pal, Technical Support, Northern Clinical Simulation